Ken Scoggins & Miller's Creek is a traditional, all acoustic bluegrass band formed in '99 following a yearly
jam session at the city park in Newport, TN. The band has logged nearly 10,000 miles per month during it's
busiest seasons while receiving a significant amount of both radio and television programming each year.
Current and former members have worked with the Larry Stephenson, Marty Raybon, and Raymond
Fairchild Bands.
Ken Scoggins is a veteran
bluegrass musician whose singing
style is reminiscent of first generation bluegrass
musicians.  Ken has
traveled extensively throughout the
U.S.performing for receptive crowds
at many of the nation’s larger
bluegrass venues. Ken has now
assembled a Miller’s Creek group
that is the most solid of the band’s
tenure. Ken is a BMI affiliated songwriter and
performs and records with his '54 Martin D-28
and '53 Martin D- 18, guitars. The '54 was
purchased several years ago from John R.
Bowman. John played the
instrument while a member of  
Allison Krauss and Union Station.  
Doug Rankin resides in Seneca, SC and
joins Ken on duet and trio
harmonies. Though a multi-
instrumentalist,  Doug covers
the mandolin duties and
writes many of the band's
original tunes. Doug is a BMI
affiliated songwriter and
co-owner with Ken in Verner
Mill Publishing. Over the
years, Doug has acquired
quite a collection of
instruments; his primary player is a Rose, made
by Darby Boofer.

While not on stage, Doug acts as Ken's
philosophical guru, spiritual interpreter,
commentator on all things irrelevant, and keeps
the band running on time!
It's indeed a pleasure to have Furman
in the band on 5-string banjo and
Scrugg's style lead guitar. Furman, an amazing
singer and instrumentalist, has had the
pleasure of performing with Mac Wiseman and
has made appearances on the Nashville
Networks "Fire On The Mountain" series.
Furman plays a Gibson "Earl Scruggs" model
banjo and makes his home in Pickens, SC.

Furman makes the best fruitcake cookies ever
and serves extra duty as Ken's financial and
relationship advisor!

You can watch Mac and Furman perform
together in this
YouTube video!
Miller's Creek is indeed fortunate to be
able to travel with such a phenomenal
talent as Jeff Hayes. Jeff and his lovely
wife Betty make their home in Pickens
Co., SC. Jeff has been with the band for
three years.
A couple of his bass playing influences
are Barry Bales & Dennis Crouch. In
Jeff acquired his favorite instrument,
1939 Kay M-1, from Del McCoury Band
alumnus, Mike Bub.
Jeff shows his appreciation for
bluegrass, as well as classic country
music, as he contributes vocals to each
of the band's sets. Always a crowd

You can watch Jeff in this
video singing an old Jimmy Martin